Workshops are provided for one evening to promote psychoeducational knowledge on a variety of topics including; Talking to your Teen, Bullying, Depression, Anxiety, Building Healthy Habits, and workshops to promote family togetherness. Each workshop will provide members with the opportunity to voice their concerns with one of our professional associates and gather information and resources to promote healthier living.

Group Treatment (8-12 week sessions)

Group therapy offers adolescents and adults the opportunity to learn how to cope with the problems in their everyday lives. Our programs are "Cognitive and Behavioural" in orientation and have a strong educational component. Programs are offered in small groups and typically run from 8-12 weeks. We believe good coping skills, resiliency and optimism are learned skills and not innate. Participants are provided with workbooks and are encouraged to apply what they learn in their daily lives. Each session provides information that an individual needs to know, homework for the week, daily exercises to practice at home, opportunity to discuss and review progress with same age peers in a therapeutically supported context and parent education to support their children.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a truly remarkable physical and mental exercise for people of all ages, body shapes and abilities. Yoga is an ancient method of physical and mental exercise that promotes strengthening and lengthening of the body, the outcome of which is a feeling of deep relaxation and alleviation of physical and mental discomfort. While practised for thousands of years in Eastern cultures, this form of mental and physical exercise has exploded in popularity in Western cultures. The reason for this is that “it works” by integrating body, mind and spirit.

Yoga therapy is part of most major trauma intervention programs across North America. The therapeutic benefits to a wide range of individuals is no longer in dispute. Adults who have experienced trauma, such as our veterans or first responders, survivors of significant injuries or those with complex trauma, often report a reduction in emotional reactivity, reduction in pain/physical discomfort, and a general improvement in feelings of well-being. Various sources of research showed that yoga can help build self-confidence and self-esteem, enhance attention and concentration, increase self awareness and self discipline, enhance creativity and improve interpersonal and self regulation abilities.